Sam's Recording Academy

Welcome to Sam's Recording Academy, the mentorship program that will lead you through everything you need to know about recording, mixing, and production.  

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March 22nd - 26th

Bring your own song… BYOS, and we’re going to record, mix and master it on Spring Break, and it will be a party!


With Sam's 23 years of recording studio work, you get all the experience and wisdom to help you reach the next level.


Mixing tutorials will cover beginning topics through more advanced concepts.  Created on the recording software platform you use and tailored to your own level and pace.


Be part of the live Zooms where Sam fields your recording and mixing questions.  Be pushed further to finish your music with quality.  Get a fresh perspective to help you reach your goals.


Get all the ongoing tutorial content guiding you through recording and mixing in the software of your choice.  Join the private Facebook group.  Join two Zooms a month that will be recorded.


Everything in tier one, but also includes a 20-30 min Zoom once a month where Sam will go over your song one on one and guide you through what actions you can take to mix and finish the song.


All of tier one and two, and in addition, you will get a song you choose mastered by Sam on state of the art equipment.  This will include two master versions (for pitching and digital distribution uploading) and mastering the instrumental as well. Also included will be a video of Sam mastering the song for reference.

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